Ultramax D LR20 Alkaline Batteries | 12 Bulk Pack

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Ultramax D LR20 Alkaline Battery | 12 Bulk Pack

Specially manufactured to power high-drain devices, this 12-pack of Ultramax D LR20 batteries is perfect for electronics like large battery-operated toys and torches.

100% leak-resistant and safe to use, these batteries are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. And, if you don’t need to use all 12 of these batteries straight away, you’re able to store any spares for up to an entire year without losing any of their original charge! This means that, even if you don’t use them immediately, these batteries will be as good as new when the time comes for them to work their powerful magic.

Here at piggypowerbatteries.com, we believe everyone has the right to top-quality batteries from brands like Ultramax. This is why we’re offering this 12-pack at one of the most inexpensive prices possible to ensure everyone can get the best quality for the best price.

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Technical Specification

Battery Size: D
Units per box/card: 12
Voltage: 1.5V
Dimensions MM: 61.5 x 34.1
Material: Alkaline
Item Codes: D / LR20 / MN1300 / MX1300 / LR20XL / AM1 / AM-1 / MONO
Weight KG: 1.738
EAN CODE: 5036446807120

Pack Size 12
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