Panasonic Eneloop AA HR6 1900mAh Rechargeable Batteries | 4 Pack

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 USES: Clocks, Keyboards & Mice, Remote Controls, Torches, Toys

Pre-charged and able to be recharged up to a colossal 2,100 times, this 4-pack of Panasonic Eneloop AA HR6 1900mAh Rechargeable Batteries won’t let you down.

Suitable for a wide variety of electronics, AA batteries are considered to be the most commonly-used battery size on the market today. And, due to their impressive charge value and ability to retain up to a huge 90% of their charge for up to an entire year, you’re able to keep this pack safely tucked away in storage ready to be used whenever you need them.

Ideal for high-drain devices such as digital cameras, flash photography and TV remotes that are continually used on a daily basis, these batteries will make a worthwhile asset to any modern-day home or workplace.

Due to their incredible charge capacity and long-lasting performance, it would make sense to assume this 4-pack of Panasonic Eneloop AA batteries would have a high price-tag. But, here at, we believe everyone has the right to top-quality batteries, meaning we supply our entire Eneloop range at extremely cost-effective prices!

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Technical Specification

Battery Size: AA

Units per box/card: 4

Voltage: 1.2V

Dimensions MM: 51 x 15

Material: NiMH

Item Codes: AA / LR6 / MN1500 / PC1500 / AM3 / LR6M / KAA / AM-3 / MIGNON

Weight KG: 0.112

EAN CODE: 5410853052630

Pack Size 4
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