GP Rechargeable Batteries

GP Rechargeable Batteries in Single Packets or in Bulk

GP Batteries are specifically designed to provide an environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable batteries without compromising on quality or power value. GP’s bespoke range of ReCyko+ rechargeable batteries is a true triumph – all available here at

Offering a variety of popular sizes such as AA and AAA, in addition to perhaps more specialist options including C, D and 9V, all your every-day battery needs will be covered with this extensive range of GP rechargeable batteries.

All GP rechargeable batteries come pre-charged, meaning you can start using them right away without wasting time and effort charging them first. Guaranteed to lower your carbon footprint and save some serious money in the long-run, these batteries can withstand hundreds of charging cycles and still remain good-as-new due to their low self-discharge rate.

Providing premium power both you and your devices can truly rely on, our entire range of GP rechargeable batteries is available at superbly budget-friendly prices that won’t break the bank.

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GP Rechargeable Batteries

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