Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

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Energizer is one of the World's most recognisable brands, and when it comes to batteries, they really do go on and on - just like the bunny! Here at Piggy Power Batteries, we stock a wide range of Energizer rechargeable batteries, all available to buy in bulk and online.

Our rechargeable Energizer battery range includes the common AA and AAA sizes, as well as the popular C,D and 9V PP3 battery types.

All of these batteries come pre-charged and are suitable for medium and high drain devices. In one use, they can last up to 4 times the length of single-use batteries and once they do eventually run out of power, they can be recharged hundreds of times. This makes Energizer rechargeable batteries a superb investment, saving you both money and time. The days of panic buying cheap batteries in the supermarket are well and truly over!

Browse our full range of rechargeable Energizer batteries below and don't forget, if you buy in bulk you will make even more savings!

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Energizer Rechargeable Batteries

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