Duracell Industrial Batteries

Buy Duracell Industrial Batteries Online at Unbeatable Prices!

'Industrial by Duracell' has been rebranded to 'Duracell Procell'

Here at piggyPowerbatteries.com, we understand the importance of having consistency and reliability within your batteries. This is why we supply only the best-quality Duracell industrial batteries in quantities and sizes that are tailor made to suit you.

Originally branded as 'Duracell Procell' and then relaunched as 'Industrial by Duracell', this this range of Duracell batteries are made with fast energy-using products in mind. There is nothing worse than constantly having to replace batteries in an appliance you use every day – it is time consuming, repetitive, and, most of all, costs more money in the long-run with consistently having to buy more batteries.

But prepare to have all of that stress removed with our great range of industrial batteries here from Duracell. As one of the leading battery manufacturers, Duracell do not compromise on quality, and we are ensuring to bring that to you in every industrial battery we stock.

Available in a wide variety of sizes from AAA, AA, D, C and 9V, our extensive range quantities will cater to everyone’s needs. Choose between a handy 10-pack, which can be easily sealed until later use, or a multipack bulk-size tub.

The beauty of Duracell Industrial batteries is their ability to consistently perform, even when in high-energy using appliances. Due to this, you will find yourself changing your batteries much less often which will save you both time and money.

But rest assured that, if you end up having to leave your Duracell Industrial batteries in storage for a while, they will most certainly not go to waste. Duracell industrial batteries retain and store their energy for up to seven years whilst being unused. This guarantees you peace of mind and even more consistency when buying.

Please note that all of the products below will arrive with the new Procell packaging. Go to the new Procell range here

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Duracell Industrial Batteries

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