Ansmann High Capacity AA HR6 2700mAh Rechargeable Batteries | 4 Pack

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Ansmann High Capacity AA 2700mAh Rechargeable Battery | 4 Pack

These specialist batteries from Ansmann are far from ordinary. Utilizing expert engineering techniques, these High Capacity AA HR6 2700mAh rechargeable batteries provide a higher-degree of power whilst still retaining standard battery size. This means you’re getting maximum power than ever before without an impractical, huge battery to deal with!

Ideal if you use high-drain devices on a daily basis and need a reliable source of power at all times, these batteries can power an array of electronics such as digital cameras, camcorders and portable lights. Able to be charged with any standard alkaline-charging device you may already have, purchasing these batteries doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on another charging mechanism.

Boasting a longer lifespan than other rechargeable batteries, these Ansmann alternatives can withstand up to 1000 charging cycles and will save you a huge amount of money in the long-run. You’ll never have to waste money buying disposables ever again! Better still, if you buy with us today, you’ll be getting this useful 4-pack at one of the best prices you’ll find on the market.

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Technical Specification

Battery Size: AA
Units per box/card: 4
Voltage: 1.2V
Dimensions MM: 51 x 15
Material: NiMH
Item Codes: NM1500, AA, LR6, HR6, DC1520
Weight KG: 0.124
EAN CODE: 4013674030842

Pack Size 4
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