Eveready PP8/2 Electric Fence Battery | 1 Pack

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Uses:  Electric Fences, Radios, Alarm Back-Up Systems

A truly specialist item, the Eveready PP8/2 Electric Fence Battery is primarily used as a reliable power source for electric fences.

Maintaining a consistent power supply to such fences is crucial, especially in the agricultural industry, otherwise complete chaos could arise. But, with this Eveready battery as part of your system, reliability and durability is guaranteed.

Technically known as a 6v carbon-zinc cell, this unique battery is easily recognisable due to its large snap connectors. Better still, it can also be safely used to power complex alarm systems and old-school, vintage radios.

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Technical Specification

Battery Size: PP8/2
Units per box/card: 1
Voltage: 6V
Dimensions MM: Depth: 51.6 Width: 52 Height: 200.8
Material: Zinc Carbon
Item Codes: PP8/2
Weight KG: 1.45
EAN CODE: 5010419123110

Pack Size 1
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