GP Ultra Alkaline 9V PP3 6LR61 Batteries | 4 Pack

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USES: Microphones, Smoke Alarms, Radios

Specifically created to accommodate the needs of extremely high-drain devices, this 4-pack of GP Ultra Alkaline 9V PP3 6LR61 Batteries is a must-have for any modern home or workplace.

The perfect option for high-power toys, radios, smoke alarms and security systems that are in constant use. – therefore needing reliable, consistent power that can be counted on at all times.

Whilst not rechargeable, the impressive longevity of these batteries will make you forget they’re meant for single-use only! Able to last far longer than standard alternatives, this 4-pack is guaranteed to stand the test of time.

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Technical Specification

Battery Size: 9V
Units per box/card: 4
Voltage: 9V 
Dimensions MM: 48.8 x 26 x 16.9
Material: Alkaline
Item Codes: 9V / 8.4V / 6LR61 / MN1604 / PC1604 / 1604LC / K94 / 6AM-6 / 4022 / E-BLOCK / 6AM6
Weight KG: 0.206
EAN CODE: 4891199151095

Pack Size 4
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