Ansmann Max-E D HR20 5000mAh Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries | 2 Pack

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Ansmann Max-E D HR20 5000mAh Rechargeable Battery | 2 Pack

Significantly larger than the popular AA or AAA battery, D batteries are compatible with much larger, high-drain devices such as radio receivers, megaphones, radio transmitters and medium-large torches. Whilst disposable batteries are still popular, rechargeable batteries like this 2-pack are slowly rising up and it’s not hard to see why.

Constantly buying disposable batteries is time consuming and a waste of money. This 2-pack of expertly-made Ansmann Max-E D pre-charged rechargeable batteries is able to withstand multiple hundreds of charging cycles without needing to be replaced, meaning you’re saving both the environment and your bank account! Providing reliable and consistent power when you need it the most, Ansmann has certainly triumphed with their Max-E battery range.

Better still, if you already own a regular battery charger these batteries will be compatible with it unlike more specialist lithium batteries. So, upon buying this 2-pack, you can be safe in the knowledge that you won’t have to fork out for an expensive new charger.

Here at, we don’t compromise on quality or price. We believe everyone has the right to top quality batteries no matter what their budget is, which is why we aim to provide every single one of our products, including this 2-pack, at a superbly cost-effective price everyone can afford.

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Technical Specification

Battery Size: D
Units per box/card: 2
Voltage: 1.2V
Dimensions MM: 61 x 34
Material: NiMH
Item Codes: MN1300, D, LR20, HR20, MONO, DUR2200D-B4
Weight KG: 0.224
EAN CODE: 4013674030927

Pack Size 2
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