CR223 Batteries

Offering options from two of the UK’s most top-rated battery brands Duracell and Energizer, our range of CR223 batteries here at is all you’ll need to power your photography equipment.

Suitable for even high-drain devices including digital cameras, flash equipment and life-saving security systems, our CR223 batteries won’t let you down. Expertly crafted to provide unparalleled power and performance, you’re guaranteed to receive efficiency for your devices like never before.

Due to its lithium composition, both our Energizer and Duracell options are capable of lasting up to 35% longer than regular CR223 batteries from other brands. You can therefore have peace of mind that with these batteries, your devices will have an instant boost of power that has the potential to last for years.

Ever been on holiday with your family and found your digital camera has suddenly stopped working and lost power? These CR223 batteries can guarantee reliable and consistent service to your photographic equipment, meaning you’ll always be able to capture those special moments as soon as they arise.

Better still, this battery is extremely compact and able to optimally function in extreme temperatures. Taking one of these batteries spare on a long-distance trip couldn’t be easier as it’s lightweight enough to fit into even the smallest of pockets, and no matter what climate you’re going to be experiencing you can be rest assured that this battery will see you through.

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CR223 Batteries

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