CR2 Batteries

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Most commonly used in digital cameras, lighting equipment and numerous other electronic devices, CR2 batteries are an essential for any household or workplace that boasts a camera or two.

Made up of a durable lithium composition, all of our CR2 batteries supplied here at are guaranteed to provide unrivalled reliability and consistent performance throughout their lifespan. Perfect for long day trips or holidays where a camera is vital for capturing those special moments, you can be rest assured that our CR2 batteries won’t let you down!

At, we understand the importance of peace of mind when it comes to your batteries; there’s nothing worse than one of your treasured electronic devices suddenly stopping without warning, leaving you to dash to your nearest shop for an emergency battery run. This is why, for our CR2 batteries, we only stock highly-regarded brands such as Duracell. Commonly known as one of the UK’s top battery brands for both homes and professional workplaces, Duracell provides unparalleled reliability across all of their batteries.

In addition, we offer our CR2 batteries in convenient packs of 2. This means that, should you own more than one camera or electronic device compatible with these batteries, you don’t have the added hassle of having to constantly buy individual quantities. Whether you want to use them both straight away or keep one in storage ready to be used at any given moment, our packs of CR2 batteries are versatile enough to suit all requirements.

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CR2 Batteries

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