CR1620 Coin Cell Batteries

One of our smaller battery options, the CR1620 is simply a must-have if you own a lot of intricate electronic devices.

Compatible with watches, calculators, organisational PDAs, remote controls, and even some electronic earrings (you know, the flashing type we all love at Christmas!), CR1620 batteries are a great little battery to have in your stash.

All of our CR1620 batteries are lithium based, which means they have far more benefits than their alkaline counterparts. Lithium batteries work at peak performance 24/7, meaning you will never have to worry about your important devices suddenly stopping their functions, and they are capable of lasting for years in storage.

Don’t need any CR1620 batteries right now? There’s no need to wait around until you need them, as these batteries can be kept unused and untouched for 5-7 years after purchase. Tired of the last minute dashes to the local shop to pick up these batteries? That might not even be in stock anyway as they are somewhat less popular than other batteries?

As they are strongly capable of lasting for a long time in storage, you will easily be able to keep a stash of these batteries away and on-hand to reach for whenever you need them. Convenient and fast-performing, these batteries won’t let you down.

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CR1620 Coin Cell Batteries

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