CR123A Batteries

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CR123A camera batteries are often in high demand, especially at peak times of year when lots of photographs are being taken; just think of all of those holidays and weddings for a start!

We understand the need for capturing those special moments and at times like that, you need batteries that you can rely on. We stock only the highest quality CR123A batteries specific for camera use, and stock only the most reputable brands such as Duracell, Energizer, and Ansmann.

Our CR123A batteries are all lithium based, and this ensures optimum, peak performance throughout the entirety of your camera use. Capable of lasting up to five times longer than traditional alkaline batteries, lithium batteries have an extremely long shelf-life and are notoriously reliable.

They are also able to withstand extreme temperatures, and are extremely light-weight. This emphasises their convenience and reliability, making them the ideal choice for your camera.

With our range of CR123A batteries, you can be confident that your camera will always be performing at the highest possible level at all times, leaving you free to take as many photos as you need without ever having to worry about your camera suddenly going dead.

CR123A batteries are commonly seen in a wide range of camera devices, so you are guaranteed to find something suitable for your device here.

Whether you are a retailer or a professional photgrapher  needing to stock up your power supplies, you can pick up a great deal on bulk or single orders when it comes to our CR123A batteries. 

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CR123A Batteries

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