Ansmann Max-E Pro AA HR6 1900mAh Pre-Charged Rechargeable Batteries | 4 Pack

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Ansmann Max-E Pro AA 1900mAh Rechargeable Battery | 4 Pack

Perfect for high-demand devices that require AA batteries such as digital cameras, toys, torches and even medical equipment, this handy pack of 4 Ansmann Max-E pre-charged rechargeable batteries will keep you going for years to come.

An absolute essential for almost any modern home or workplace, these AA batteries feature a high capacity to hold charge and can withstand well over 1000 charging cycles. Not only will this save you a colossal amount of money as you’ll never have to buy AA disposables again but will also significantly reduce your carbon footprint too!

Better still, if you don’t need to use all 4 of these batteries right away, any spares you have will hold up to 80% of their original charge value even when in storage. So even if you store these away for an entire year they’ll be almost as good as new when the time comes for them to be put to good use.

Due to their fantastic performance level and strong packaging, it would make sense to assume that these batteries come with a high price tag. But here at, we believe everyone has the right to top-quality batteries regardless of budget, so we’re providing this box of 4 for one of the most cost effective prices you’ll find online today.

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Technical Specification

Battery Size: AA
Units per box/card: 4
Voltage: 1.2V
Dimensions MM: 51 x 15
Material: NiMH
Item Codes: NM1500, AA, LR6, HR6, DC1520
Weight KG: 0.112
EAN CODE: 4013674071999

Pack Size 4
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